Cheap Beauty Finds Of The Week

I don't know about anyone else but do you ever just NEED to go make-up shopping? I mean you could fill all your bathroom drawers and use up all the available counter space with what you have already but there is always that nagging voice in your head that says "I really could use some more of this." Or "You've had such a rough week, just DO IT!" 
 So yeah me being your average girl I just needed to make a trip to my local ulta. After signing up for their rewards program I now get a monthly news letter with a bunch of freebies and coupons! Got to love a bargain, there is nothing worse than having to buy something at... Dare I say it... Full price. UGH.

So after an hour of extreme self-control and spending 12 dollars I walked out with this: 
  • Not Your Mother's clean freak dry shampoo- Now I went through some very obnoxious trials and tribulations of finding a dry shampoo that best fit my thin hair needs and my budget. Some other dry shampoos I had tried in the past either left my hair greasier than it already was or the exact opposite dried it out to the point where it made my scalp itchy. But this one so far has not let me down! (also new unscented version of this is great! no more dealing with the weird smells some dry shampoos have) So usually I do a quick spray of this in the morning when I'm in a hurry and there is no time to wash my hair or just as a pick me up throughout the day because my hair being so thin likes to fall flat and blah usually three hours into my day. #thinhairprobs
  • True Match Concealer- This itty bitty magic in a tube does a good job at hiding any small imperfections or blemishes I have on my face, also it is super lightweight so my skin can breathe! My sensitive skin handles this very well and no breakouts so far!! 

  • They're real! mascara- This is the freebie I got in my newsletter and it ain't too shabby guys. Makes my lashes look voluminous and long! I apply it in two layers after a good lash curling.

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