5 plants that naturally purify your air

So I have always been really big on bringing the outside life inside my house. There is nothing that livens up your home quite like a flowerpot of daisies or a little cactus. But some of the more common houseplants also come with a huge added bonus which is natural air purifier! I never really thought much about needing to purify the air inside my home, I cleaned regularly and even with my two dogs I thought I was managing the cleanliness pretty well. Upon researching some more on the subject I found out some pretty shocking facts and I thought I should share them with you guys!

Well there you have it folks, if this didn't shock you even a little bit then I don't know what will! But luckily I have found some common household plants that increase the quality of the air you are breathing as we speak!

(Red-edged dracaena)

  • Aloe Vera- So not only is this a relatively common plant to have it is essential when you are living in Florida and love to bake in the sun. Not only can you split the leaves of this open and use the gel inside to heal burns and cuts but now you can purify your air with it. Aloe is a sun loving plant so my suggestion would be to put it near a window or maybe even on your porch!
  • Spider plant-  This one is good for pet owners because it is deemed pet safe, so if your pets are anything like mine and like to walk by and nip at your plants this one is the one for you! Also for those of us who were not blessed with a green thumb this one is not a high maintenance plant.
  • Snake plant- So as you read earlier those chemicals in your cleaners are doing a number on your air quality, this plant is excellent at filtering all that out. So put one in your bathroom or in your kitchen, it is a low light plant so it will do great away from windows.
  • Red-edged dracaena- Now I personally bought one of these bad boys from Ikea before I had any knowledge of it being capable of purifying my air. It is your average plant so with normal watering and regular sunlight it will do just fine!
  • Weeping fig- Also had one of these growing up at my mothers, they are moderate in their need for care. 

I am sure there is plenty more but hey that is a good place to start and maybe you already have some of these plants around your house!

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