25 easy ways to save money and live happy

If your anything like me or the average person you probably have had moments where at the end of the month you are looking at your bills thinking "Where is the money for this going to come from?" Most of us have a pretty good idea what our monthly or yearly income is and what we can and can't afford but it is always good to find new ways to save money. Luckily for you guys I have gathered some pretty awesome ways to save money, some of them may be familiar but I guarantee you will find at least one in here that you had not thought of. 

So how can you do it?

1. Bring your own lunch to work- put aside 10-15min the night before and pack your own lunch for work tomorrow. Buying your lunch can run you anywhere from 5 to 15 dollars a day, at best that can add up to 75 dollars a week!

2.Close the vents in unused rooms- If you have a room inside your home that is not used regularly close the vent in there and push that air into the rooms where it is actually needed. 

3.Unplug your devices- Even if you turn of your TV it can still be using you electricity, so do yourself a favor and unplug your TV after you are done watching it and unplug those phone chargers I know you have plugged in next to your bedside table!

4.Don't forget to turn off your lights- Learn to get in the habit of turning off your lights in rooms you are not currently using or if it is daytime let natural light do the work. This can end up saving you a bunch on your electric bill over time.

5.Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs- Now these might end up costing a little more when you buy them initially but in the long run end up saving you on your electric bill and tend to last way longer!

6.Go shopping with a plan and on a full stomach- Studies show you are more likely to end up buying more items out of impulse when you are hungry so do yourself a favor and go after dinner or have a good snack before you go grocery shopping. Also do not forget to make a list and STICK TO IT.

7. Buy non-perishables in bulk- items you use all the time like laundry detergent, pasta, rice etc.  

8.Check the air in your tires- having properly filled tires can help you optimize you gas mileage 

9.Get rid of your cable- Not only is it so much cheaper to sign up for services like Netflix and Hulu but you are also not stuck in those horrible two-year contracts they always force you to sign up for! I thought I would miss cable but trust me it is not bad at all once you start saving all that money.

10. Don't splurge on the movies- So I know that there are just some movies you have to see in theaters but there are cheaper ways. Some movie theaters offer discounted tickets if you go into an early showing, drive-thru movies also tend to be cheaper and if you can, wait until it comes out on redbox and have a movie night at home!

11.What checking account you pick matters- join a bank that doesn't have a monthly fee and some banks like Bank of America have a save the change program where it rounds up your purchase and puts the change right in your savings account. Surprisingly you can end up saving 20-30 dollars extra each month without barely even noticing.

12. Try to make all your errands in one trip- this way you can save on having to go back out again and spend more gas on something you could have done earlier when you were already on the move.

13.Stop buying bottled water- instead invest in a Brita, you will end up saving much more and you can always buy a water bottle from the store with all the extra money you are saving.

14.Try going generic- When your shopping you can save when buying store brand instead of name brand items and most of them work just as well or taste just the same.

15.Stop eating out so much- I know easier said then done when you are tired, coming home from work and just want to take the easy way out. But even if you decide to cook just one more time per week you will end up saving quite a lot in the long run. Also why not just make double the portion and freeze what you don't use for an easy fast dinner one night.

16.If your planning a family vacation don't forget to do your research- There is more than one way to guarantee a cheap flight and score a deal!

17. Don't be afraid to become an amateur gardener- Plant your own mini herb garden in your kitchen and save money on spices! Set up a vegetable garden in your backyard and save money when you grocery shop. Plus I am a firm believer that everything tastes better when you played a role in creating it.

18.Become a DIY pro- You can find anything from making your own cleaning products to making your own bedside tables on the Internet and for so much cheaper than buying it at a store!

19. Have a free date night- Look up free events in your area or go and have a picnic instead of going to a restaurant and buying 40 dollars worth of food! 

20. Keep cash for spending and the rest in your card- set a budget for the month and have your allotted amount of cash in your wallet. This will help you visually understand and help make it easier to track how much you have to spend.

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