10 Ways To Save On Your Flight

With the holidays close approaching its time to start planning your holiday trips, whether you are planning a trip for thanksgiving, Christmas or anytime in between. I've traveled for the majority of my life both internationally and domestically and throughout the years I'd like to think I know a thing or two. So without a further ado here are my top tips for a cheap flight this holiday season

1.Check flights on a Tuesday-  On Tuesdays airlines post their sales for the next few months. Check either mid to late Tuesday or early Wednesday morning to try and score those sweet deals. 

2.Clear your browser history- Some websites increase their prices every time you make a new search so go into your history and delete that data.

3.Be flexible with your airport- Flying to some airports can be considerably more expensive than flying to one that might be a little farther away but still manageable. If you have that flexibility, search to see what airports are within a reasonable distance from your destination.

4.Be flexible with your dates- Flying on a Wednesday for example is cheaper than flying on a Monday. Also leaving early in the morning is the best time to fly and less of a chance for a delay!

5.Use both search engines like kayak and individual airline sites alike- with travel websites sure you can look up multiple different airlines at once and compare which is awesome, but certain airlines have special sales on their websites specifically for people who go through them instead.

6.Airline miles- If you have been racking these bad boys up then dear lord use em, if not there is no better time than the present to set that up for yourself as your booking a flight.

7.Look up cheap airlines- Some airlines, like Spirit, will have the best deals but only for domestic flights and only for certain destinations, it is definitely worth a try. Airlines like spirit are so cheap because they have no hidden fees, so you may have to pay for your drinks, food and baggage separately but the price for this is not bad at all. Also great because instead of you having to pay for something your not going to use your in charge how much you spend.
8.One way tickets- Sometimes booking two one way flights ends up saving you more money than booking a round trip flight.

9.Non-direct flights- Layovers may not seem ideal and you may just want to get it done and over with but this can also effect the price of your ticket. So don't be afraid of that layover or two, it is not so bad.

10.Don't stop looking after you book- Most airlines let you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking it without a fee or penalty, so if you stumble across a cheaper flight don't miss the chance and take it!

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