My Nighttime Routine

My relationship with my skin has been a love hate thing, we can never seem to come to a compromise on what it should be doing. At a young age I had horrible eczema, I'm talking such dry skin that I was constantly covered in a rash and scabs but mostly on my arms and the back of my knees. This all subsided once I grew to be older but I have to constantly make sure that my poor skin stays moisturized and happy. Another skin issue I had was acne, not horrible but enough to bother me A LOT. Still struggling with it even though it was supposed to be done and over it once I got through my teenage years. It is still a work in progress but has been getting better and better as time goes by. So I thought I would share with you guys what I do as my nighttime ritual.

So first things first I have to wash my face!
  • St.Ives Apricot Scrub- So this is my go to for when I need a very deep clean, this baby has salicylic acne medication in it so it does wonders to keep my blemishes under control! It is oil-free and non-comedogenic which is essential for me. I use this about once or twice a week being at it is kind of harsh on my sensitive skin to be used everyday. Also huge plus smells so good!
  • St.Ives Oatmeal Scrub and Mask- This is rated as a gentle exfoliater so it is not too tough on the skin. I use this one most often throughout my week and love the way it makes my skin feel soft and smooth without feeling tight afterwards. Also it can be used as a mask which I have yet to do because I just honestly am too impatient when I am getting ready for bed. Oatmeal is also notoriously good for your skin so you know you cannot go wrong with this one.
  • Last but not least Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream- Is it just me or do you love products that give you a tingly sensation on your skin? So this is something I use when my skin is irritated or I just want something super gentle on my skin. This effectively washes away all my makeup but the only con which I don't know could even be considered a con is the fact that it leaves my hands with residue which can be solved by washing your hands with soap.

And after that...

  • Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel- Now I went on a brief go all-natural kick that ended just as abruptly as it started but this toner really stuck with me. Not only is Witch Hazel mad good for your skin but it doesn't strip away the oils in your skin like some other toners tend to do, also it does not dry out my skin. If you give this a whirl I strongly suggest you get the Witch Hazel make-up wipes as well because they are the bomb. Now a word of warning if you have never smelt Witch Hazel before it can be a little stinky but nothing unbearable and nothing that sticks!
  • Clean&Clear Dual Action Moisturizer- So this is my go to nighttime moisturizer and has been quite frankly for the past 4 years at least. This is another product that contains salicylic acid acne medication and is super light weight on your skin. Also sometimes gives me that tingly sensation on my face that I love oh so much!

 Now this is just a bonus I add for my nighttime routine. So I recently purchased this from bath and body works and have fallen in love. When all is said and done and I change into my night wear and light up my scented candles, I reach for this and lather up my arms and chest and it does wonders. It gets me in such a relaxed state of mind and gets me ready for bedtime!


Quick Easy Ways To Feng Shui Your Home

So lately I have been getting into reading about feng shui. Feng shui is an ancient art developed by the Chinese over 3,000 years ago, basically the idea is to learn how to balance the energies to any given space in your home. Here I will write about a few easy ways you can create a good feng shui in your home!

But first things first, Clear the clutter. Clutter is known to cause stress and make your body feel uneasy!

So lets start:

Your Entryway- This particular space should be welcoming and first impressions are everything. 
  • You should be able to open your door all the way to invite in energy and prosperity into your home.
  •  Also try hanging some mirrors to make the space seem more open and inviting. (But do not hang a mirror in direct line with your doorway) 
  • Your front door should also be the biggest door in your whole house
  • Paint your walls a nice bright color to make the space more open.

Your Kitchen-  So this is where the magic happens, at least at my house.The kitchen is priority with feng shui since it provides your home with happiness (and not just because this is where all the food is!) 
  • You should paint your walls yellow to promote socialization but if yellow is too much for you then neutral shades work as well and according to feng shui these colors bring stability. 
  • Clutter-free is also essential for this can make the energy in your kitchen stagnant. 
  • Last but not least add some life to your kitchen with some plants, maybe a bamboo plant since these are known to attract positive energy and good fortune. I also have a list for some air-purifying plants to keep that air nice and clean! 

Your Bedroom- Where the real magic happens! Your bedroom should promote relaxation and romance. There is a few ways to ensure a good energy in your bedroom:
  • Don't store anything under your bed, Your energy needs to be able to flow under the bed as you sleep!
  • Don't place your bed in direct line of your door nor under a window.
  • Don't use bold colors if you can, bold colors are too loud and not soothing, aim for neutrals and soft colors.
  • You should have you bed be easily accessible from both sides with a bedside table on each side to promote balance.


25 easy ways to save money and live happy

If your anything like me or the average person you probably have had moments where at the end of the month you are looking at your bills thinking "Where is the money for this going to come from?" Most of us have a pretty good idea what our monthly or yearly income is and what we can and can't afford but it is always good to find new ways to save money. Luckily for you guys I have gathered some pretty awesome ways to save money, some of them may be familiar but I guarantee you will find at least one in here that you had not thought of. 

So how can you do it?

1. Bring your own lunch to work- put aside 10-15min the night before and pack your own lunch for work tomorrow. Buying your lunch can run you anywhere from 5 to 15 dollars a day, at best that can add up to 75 dollars a week!

2.Close the vents in unused rooms- If you have a room inside your home that is not used regularly close the vent in there and push that air into the rooms where it is actually needed. 

3.Unplug your devices- Even if you turn of your TV it can still be using you electricity, so do yourself a favor and unplug your TV after you are done watching it and unplug those phone chargers I know you have plugged in next to your bedside table!

4.Don't forget to turn off your lights- Learn to get in the habit of turning off your lights in rooms you are not currently using or if it is daytime let natural light do the work. This can end up saving you a bunch on your electric bill over time.

5.Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs- Now these might end up costing a little more when you buy them initially but in the long run end up saving you on your electric bill and tend to last way longer!

6.Go shopping with a plan and on a full stomach- Studies show you are more likely to end up buying more items out of impulse when you are hungry so do yourself a favor and go after dinner or have a good snack before you go grocery shopping. Also do not forget to make a list and STICK TO IT.

7. Buy non-perishables in bulk- items you use all the time like laundry detergent, pasta, rice etc.  

8.Check the air in your tires- having properly filled tires can help you optimize you gas mileage 

9.Get rid of your cable- Not only is it so much cheaper to sign up for services like Netflix and Hulu but you are also not stuck in those horrible two-year contracts they always force you to sign up for! I thought I would miss cable but trust me it is not bad at all once you start saving all that money.

10. Don't splurge on the movies- So I know that there are just some movies you have to see in theaters but there are cheaper ways. Some movie theaters offer discounted tickets if you go into an early showing, drive-thru movies also tend to be cheaper and if you can, wait until it comes out on redbox and have a movie night at home!

11.What checking account you pick matters- join a bank that doesn't have a monthly fee and some banks like Bank of America have a save the change program where it rounds up your purchase and puts the change right in your savings account. Surprisingly you can end up saving 20-30 dollars extra each month without barely even noticing.

12. Try to make all your errands in one trip- this way you can save on having to go back out again and spend more gas on something you could have done earlier when you were already on the move.

13.Stop buying bottled water- instead invest in a Brita, you will end up saving much more and you can always buy a water bottle from the store with all the extra money you are saving.

14.Try going generic- When your shopping you can save when buying store brand instead of name brand items and most of them work just as well or taste just the same.

15.Stop eating out so much- I know easier said then done when you are tired, coming home from work and just want to take the easy way out. But even if you decide to cook just one more time per week you will end up saving quite a lot in the long run. Also why not just make double the portion and freeze what you don't use for an easy fast dinner one night.

16.If your planning a family vacation don't forget to do your research- There is more than one way to guarantee a cheap flight and score a deal!

17. Don't be afraid to become an amateur gardener- Plant your own mini herb garden in your kitchen and save money on spices! Set up a vegetable garden in your backyard and save money when you grocery shop. Plus I am a firm believer that everything tastes better when you played a role in creating it.

18.Become a DIY pro- You can find anything from making your own cleaning products to making your own bedside tables on the Internet and for so much cheaper than buying it at a store!

19. Have a free date night- Look up free events in your area or go and have a picnic instead of going to a restaurant and buying 40 dollars worth of food! 

20. Keep cash for spending and the rest in your card- set a budget for the month and have your allotted amount of cash in your wallet. This will help you visually understand and help make it easier to track how much you have to spend.


10 Ways To Save On Your Flight

With the holidays close approaching its time to start planning your holiday trips, whether you are planning a trip for thanksgiving, Christmas or anytime in between. I've traveled for the majority of my life both internationally and domestically and throughout the years I'd like to think I know a thing or two. So without a further ado here are my top tips for a cheap flight this holiday season

1.Check flights on a Tuesday-  On Tuesdays airlines post their sales for the next few months. Check either mid to late Tuesday or early Wednesday morning to try and score those sweet deals. 

2.Clear your browser history- Some websites increase their prices every time you make a new search so go into your history and delete that data.

3.Be flexible with your airport- Flying to some airports can be considerably more expensive than flying to one that might be a little farther away but still manageable. If you have that flexibility, search to see what airports are within a reasonable distance from your destination.

4.Be flexible with your dates- Flying on a Wednesday for example is cheaper than flying on a Monday. Also leaving early in the morning is the best time to fly and less of a chance for a delay!

5.Use both search engines like kayak and individual airline sites alike- with travel websites sure you can look up multiple different airlines at once and compare which is awesome, but certain airlines have special sales on their websites specifically for people who go through them instead.

6.Airline miles- If you have been racking these bad boys up then dear lord use em, if not there is no better time than the present to set that up for yourself as your booking a flight.

7.Look up cheap airlines- Some airlines, like Spirit, will have the best deals but only for domestic flights and only for certain destinations, it is definitely worth a try. Airlines like spirit are so cheap because they have no hidden fees, so you may have to pay for your drinks, food and baggage separately but the price for this is not bad at all. Also great because instead of you having to pay for something your not going to use your in charge how much you spend.
8.One way tickets- Sometimes booking two one way flights ends up saving you more money than booking a round trip flight.

9.Non-direct flights- Layovers may not seem ideal and you may just want to get it done and over with but this can also effect the price of your ticket. So don't be afraid of that layover or two, it is not so bad.

10.Don't stop looking after you book- Most airlines let you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking it without a fee or penalty, so if you stumble across a cheaper flight don't miss the chance and take it!


5 plants that naturally purify your air

So I have always been really big on bringing the outside life inside my house. There is nothing that livens up your home quite like a flowerpot of daisies or a little cactus. But some of the more common houseplants also come with a huge added bonus which is natural air purifier! I never really thought much about needing to purify the air inside my home, I cleaned regularly and even with my two dogs I thought I was managing the cleanliness pretty well. Upon researching some more on the subject I found out some pretty shocking facts and I thought I should share them with you guys!

Well there you have it folks, if this didn't shock you even a little bit then I don't know what will! But luckily I have found some common household plants that increase the quality of the air you are breathing as we speak!

(Red-edged dracaena)

  • Aloe Vera- So not only is this a relatively common plant to have it is essential when you are living in Florida and love to bake in the sun. Not only can you split the leaves of this open and use the gel inside to heal burns and cuts but now you can purify your air with it. Aloe is a sun loving plant so my suggestion would be to put it near a window or maybe even on your porch!
  • Spider plant-  This one is good for pet owners because it is deemed pet safe, so if your pets are anything like mine and like to walk by and nip at your plants this one is the one for you! Also for those of us who were not blessed with a green thumb this one is not a high maintenance plant.
  • Snake plant- So as you read earlier those chemicals in your cleaners are doing a number on your air quality, this plant is excellent at filtering all that out. So put one in your bathroom or in your kitchen, it is a low light plant so it will do great away from windows.
  • Red-edged dracaena- Now I personally bought one of these bad boys from Ikea before I had any knowledge of it being capable of purifying my air. It is your average plant so with normal watering and regular sunlight it will do just fine!
  • Weeping fig- Also had one of these growing up at my mothers, they are moderate in their need for care. 

I am sure there is plenty more but hey that is a good place to start and maybe you already have some of these plants around your house!


Fall Essentials

So in case you missed it, the first official day of fall was yesterday! Finally the weather is going to start cooling down which means its time to shake the dust off those cute sweaters and get your boots out. Living in Florida previously I was ill prepared for the fall in Oregon! Don't get me wrong I have lived in relatively cold places throughout my life but for some odd reason I thought it would be a good idea to throw out all my warm clothes to make room for all the t-shirts and shorts I was buying. A few weeks back, I noticed that I only had two jeans not counting the ones I should have thrown out long ago with no zipper and the button missing!
Luckily I have an amazing soon to be mother-in-law who sent me a care package containing some awesome cold weather clothes and after a trip to old navy I came back with a good arsenal to get me through the colder months! 

Try #1 of getting a decent picture of the end product
There is a reason modeling was not my calling!
 Try #2

Ultimate Get Ready For Fall List
  • While you still have a chance, invest in a solid pair of jeans and a nice warm sweater to get you through those breezy cold days and even cooler nights!
  • Get that nice warm cup of joe from starbucks that we all know you've been craving for days
  • Go buy yourself some nice seasonal candles to make your home soothe you with the smell of fall, I'm talking pumpkin, apple cinnamon, nutmeg etc.
  • Boots, Boots, Boots. We have all been there, done that when it comes to having our toes go through the early stages of hypothermia due to lack of shoes. While your at it, do your toes a favor and grab a warm pair of socks.
  • Turn that thermostat off and save yourself the electricity! Open up the windows during the night (experts say the optimal sleeping temperature ranges from 60-68 degrees) let that fresh air in and your wallet will thank you when the bill comes around at the end of the month.
  •  Whip out those cookbooks and start cooking again! Nothing makes home feel more like home than cooking and baking. Start practicing those recipes for thanksgiving, get excited about that pancake recipe, be the next Martha Stewart! 
  • Bring/Buy some plants for the indoors. Great way to bring a little life inside your home when everything outside starts getting drab! There is also plenty of plants that act as natural air purifiers!
  • Remove extra summer-season clutter you have laying around. Put away the beach chairs, buckets and shovels and summer decor and enjoy a more clutter free home. Clutter can add unnecessary stress on you and make your home look uninviting.


7 Tips For A Healthy Relationship

Being in a relationship is no walk in the park folks, it requires a lot of hard work, determination and effort to keep that flame blazing between the two of you. Sometimes you catch yourself in a rut and those butterflies you first had are starting to fade but I assure you that is all part of life. Here are some of my tips that have worked for me! (so far!)

  • Go Hiking (Or do any outdoor activities together)- Grab the bull by the horns and get that lazy  bum of yours off the couch! Sometimes it's easy at the end of a long week to just plan to do nothing all weekend but there is a whole world out there! Take your partner hiking, go take a walk in the park, go and make that trip to the beach! Getting out into the fresh air and getting active can do wonders for you two, not to mention your health! It's nice to switch things up a bit.
  •  Pick a show and only watch it together- Now on those week nights when you just got home from work and you truly just do not want to do anything skim through netflix or hulu and pick a show that you and your partner would like to watch. It's great to have something that is exclusively for the two of you and that you can bond over! So get emotionally attached to characters, cry and laugh your butt off, I promise it will be a good time. (Personal favorites: Heroes, Walking dead, Once Upon a Time, Prison Break and Lost!)
  • Make dinner together- Plan it out! Go to the grocery store together and get to work. Cooking together is actually way more fun than you might think it is. It's nice to put in that team effort and make something delicious for you both!
  •   Have some me time- Now you should also strive to have some alone time. Whether that be a weekly yoga class, reading that book, going and grabbing a coffee or whatever your niche may be, you need to make time for yourself. You can be in a happy relationship and still enjoy having some independent activities
  •  Spend some quality time together- I'm saying put down that phone, tuck away your tablet, turn off the TV quality time together. Ask how your partners week has been going, what has been on your mind or just goof around and wrestle for a bit. It can be refreshing to put away all those distractions!
So ladies and gentleman these are a few tricks that have worked for me (happily together for four years) and I hope you found some useful advice!

Cheap Beauty Finds Of The Week

I don't know about anyone else but do you ever just NEED to go make-up shopping? I mean you could fill all your bathroom drawers and use up all the available counter space with what you have already but there is always that nagging voice in your head that says "I really could use some more of this." Or "You've had such a rough week, just DO IT!" 
 So yeah me being your average girl I just needed to make a trip to my local ulta. After signing up for their rewards program I now get a monthly news letter with a bunch of freebies and coupons! Got to love a bargain, there is nothing worse than having to buy something at... Dare I say it... Full price. UGH.

So after an hour of extreme self-control and spending 12 dollars I walked out with this: 
  • Not Your Mother's clean freak dry shampoo- Now I went through some very obnoxious trials and tribulations of finding a dry shampoo that best fit my thin hair needs and my budget. Some other dry shampoos I had tried in the past either left my hair greasier than it already was or the exact opposite dried it out to the point where it made my scalp itchy. But this one so far has not let me down! (also new unscented version of this is great! no more dealing with the weird smells some dry shampoos have) So usually I do a quick spray of this in the morning when I'm in a hurry and there is no time to wash my hair or just as a pick me up throughout the day because my hair being so thin likes to fall flat and blah usually three hours into my day. #thinhairprobs
  • True Match Concealer- This itty bitty magic in a tube does a good job at hiding any small imperfections or blemishes I have on my face, also it is super lightweight so my skin can breathe! My sensitive skin handles this very well and no breakouts so far!! 

  • They're real! mascara- This is the freebie I got in my newsletter and it ain't too shabby guys. Makes my lashes look voluminous and long! I apply it in two layers after a good lash curling.