Top Tips For Dry Frizzy Hair

Hair habits can make one fall victim to an increased amount of bad hair days. Although I have cut down heat styling to virtually never doing it, I still brush my hair wet, dye my hair, and wear it up to work all the time. I started noticing that my little bit of trimming wasn't doing the job when it came to split ends, so I had a friend trim as much as she thought would be necessary to make it look healthy again. She ended up cutting around an inch and a half of my hair and you could instantly tell the difference in my hair. I could run my fingers through my hair, matter of fact, I could glide my fingers through my hair and not hit a single knot. My hair looked lighter in color and so so so much smoother than it had in a while.

I needed to make the decision to treat my hair better, it was dry and that resulted in split-ends and damage. I went on a hunt to look for my next big find in a budget that wouldn't make my wallet deflate.

Here are the 4 tried and true products I found that gave me some seriously coveted after hair!

1 & 2

Argan Oil From Morocco Repairing Shampoo&Conditioner  (find it here for $5.99)

So first and foremost I wanted to point out that this particular duo is both sulfate and paraben free! Huge plus for anyone who loves their hair. Upon using this shampoo and conditioner the first thing I noticed was it's nice fresh citrus smell. Like I have said before I am a very smell-oriented person (yes I have made that a word) so finding products that have a pleasant smell to them makes my heart smile. At first when applying and rinsing out the shampoo I felt like it was going to cause some major dryness to my hair, but after the conditioner was applied, that fear was crushed by the newfound smoothness I felt to my hair. You know you have found a good conditioner when you can feel how soft your hair is even before you hop out of the shower. Another thing I really liked about these products was the fact that they did not weigh my hair down, I have such thin hair that I have always been a conditioner before shampoo kind of girl but found that with this product I could lather it on shampoo first and not look like a greasy mop by the end of the day. 


Loreal Total Repair 5 (find it here for $5.99)

Deep conditioning galore! This stuff is FREAKIN amazing for the price you pay. This is definitely a more bang for your buck item and I am so glad I stumbled across this. This Damage-erasing balm is like the holy grail of hair products, can you tell I love it yet? Basically you apply this to your hair after shampooing and let it sit for about five minutes and then rinse out. Your hair will come out looking the smoothest it has been in years and the smell of this stuff is amazing as well. I could literally tell how thirsty my hair was for some much needed moisture care. My hair has never looked better!


 Garnier Sleek&Shine Moroccan Sleek Treatment (find it here for $4.99)

To really finish off strong with your hair use this awesome hair serum to manage any left over frizz and dryness. Just apply a dime size amount and concentrate on the ends of your hair and smoothing any leftover product over the rest of your locks. This gives my hair a shine and managebility that I had struggled to find before. My hair remains smooth and tangle free all throughout the day! 
After using all these products my hair has never felt so hydrated and happy, and best of all, everything is under 10 bucks! Hello good hair days ahead!